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7 Benefits of Multi Generational Relationships


With the isolation and polarization that COVID brought, it is now more than ever beneficial to have multi-generational family relationships. Approximately 20% (64 million) of American Households contain 2 generations.


Benefits of Multi Generational Relationships:


  1. Grandparents can sometimes provide financial support.

  2. Grandparents can keep an eye on a sleeping child while caregiver steps away. 

  3. Grandkids can dispel loneliness, depression, fear and isolation when they are around.

  4. Grandkids can assist in an emergency when Grandparents get hurt.

  5. Grandparents and Grandkids can have fun together and  keep each other busy during play.

  6. Grandkids who spend time with Grandparents can develop deeper relationships and empathy for the elderly population and grow up as more caring adults ready to give a hand out to those in need.

  7. Hugs are known to lower blood pressure, so access to multiple hugs, laughter and kisses per day can lead to more happiness, love and better health.


If multi-generational relationships and care is not possible, help is still available. Please reach out to us as we have resources we can direct you to.


Give us a call at 408-444-5500.


With Faith, Hope and Love,


From Our With Grace Hospice Team